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" Lisa & Neil are worth Every single penny. Just book them - you would be MAD not to. "

wedding photography training




We shoot 35 - 40 wedding per year and we think that's what counts. We have a tidy portfolio and are featured on blogs and national press. Success is about the 85% which has nothing to do with taking photographs. 

35+ weddings per year

Hey! We're Lisa & Neil. We’re full - time, busy wedding photographers in Norfolk. Our business started from the ground up and we now get to do what we love and enjoy every day of the year – you can too!  

Starting a wedding photography business on your own is difficult and expensive. An over-saturated market and you don't have the tools in hand to be busy and earning. It’s a slow burner and gets harder with family and the day job commitments!

We’ve been through just about every problem and created and tested systems to deal with stuff you’ll face today, next year and some things you’ve not even thought about yet. Our wedding photography business training will give you a head start.

You tell us what you need and we’ll work with you on that – direct and personalised, one to one (actually two to one!) training, nothing generic. 


wedding photography business training and tuition

First we'll try and understand where you’re at and where you want to be, then help you get there. First contact will be from our enquiry form and then we’ll arrange a get-together over skype.

There’s no set prescription and we’ll tailor your sessions to the things you feel you need (and the things we know you need). No bullshit, our honest opinion. Wedding photography is fun and we're really serious about fun. Sessions are charged at £175 per hour and you’ll quickly see what great value that is as you book more weddings. 



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wedding photography business tuition and training


" I want to ditch my day job but I'm not making enough money "

" I have a website but nobody sees it or gets in contact. "

" I don't know where to start with social media. I find it really confusing. "

" I'm nervous about shooting a wedding with the gear i have "

" I enjoy photography as a hobby but have no idea how to turn it into a business "

" I get loads of enquiries. I reply, I never hear from them again. ghosted. "

" After the first consultation, the couple book someone else ! "

" I want to book better clients. "

" I'd like to spend less time culling and editing and more time with the family "

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wedding photography business training and tuition

We live on the Norfolk Broads, just 20 minutes away from Norwich. Our initial meeting will be a free, informal chat over skype so we can learn all about you, your business and how we can help. 

Thank you for emailing us. We aim to respond within 24 hours, unless we're at a wedding.

Thank you! :)