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DIY Barn wedding – Real wedding.

We’d been looking forward to Sophie and Charlie’s big day for some while, Sophie is French and explained there would some French wedding traditions built into the day including a noisy traffic convoy post-ceremony, and ‘animations’ which are games organised by family and friends for the Bride and Groom. It all sounded like fun, and we’d had a great time at Suffolk Barn previously. In fact Suffolk Barn seems to get guests and family waving stuff in the air in a way no other venue achieves?

So, on the day Sophie got ready in quite possibly the cutest Suffolk farmhouse we’d ever seen, one of those beautiful buildings essentially made with big sticks and mud, that then seems fit to stand for a thousand years! Charlie was at his Mum’s house, in itself a magical place as his Mum Lillias is an absolutely incredible artist with a brilliant eye for beautiful things. Actually, it really is worth going to look at Lillias’ website, Neil plans on owning one of her watercolours if we ever get rich and famous…

We really enjoyed the ceremony, something about the early Autumn light and the Church decor made for such rich colours and a really warm atmosphere as both families filled the pews with a mixture of English and French language. Straight after we caught one of the best confetti sets of the year, and regulars to our blog will know how much we love confetti!

Sophie and Charlie then jumped in a classic open top sports car, and we quickly dropped the top on our convertible as they headed off to Suffolk Barn for the reception – all the guests followed us with their car horns beeping and lights flashing – it was brilliant and very French! Certainly it caused a real stir as we passed the sleepy hamlets and houses of Suffolk who seldom hear anything much louder than bird-song! Lisa managed to stand up on the front seat of our car and shoot some fabulous pictures whilst I tried to drive as steady as possible once we got off the public road. Everyone loved the convoy, it should definitely be a ‘thing’ for English wedding too!

In a very British countryside setting, we then watched as Sophie’s family began to play and dance to the music of French Bagpipes (We think it’s an instrument from Brittany, but being stood on a picnic table catching the dancing pictures, didn’t get a chance to ask properly!) to celebrate the marriage and this was followed with a really wonderful meal and speeches with twin translations to include all the guests. Finally came the ‘animations’ which were a series of games to include Bride and Groom and their family and friends, genuinely funny and such a good way to finish what is often  a formal sit-down. The evening also went with a swing as a Ceilidh band got everyone up and dancing.

We’d like to thank Sophie and Charlie, their family and friends for a wonderful day out, and since we love the pictures so much , here’s a collection of our favourites!