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Real Norfolk Corona Wedding

Nicola and Ross are quiet, warm, perhaps even a little shy folks. Respectively they love Dr Who, Star Wars but most of all, each other. Sci-fi fans and clever too, we’d have to suggest they’re the nicest type of ‘Geeks’ you’ll ever meet. They certainly know how to respond to an apocalypse storyline and 2020’s Covid pandemic was no match for their combined forces! Here’s how they made a beautiful wedding happen, in their own words.

Groom covers his face as Bride arrive during Corona Virus wedding

How has all the Coronavirus malarkey affected your wedding plans?
‘We’d planned a wedding with 70 day guests at a barn for 20th June 2020 -with the lockdown we were unable to even get married let alone have 70 guests. We decided to change the entire wedding to a registry office with a small group and a larger party at the barn next year. We were adamant that we would still get married this year and this was the only way we could.’

Bride and Groom meet before a registry office wedding during Corona lockdown in Bury St Edmunds

‘ We had planned for quite a geeky themed wedding, Nicola had made all the table decorations already. Everything was pretty much ready to go before the lockdown occurred.’

Father of the Groom makes everyone laugh with his facemask at Corona lockdown wedding

‘Although it was not as planned, having a small intimate wedding with just 6 guests at the ceremony and a small reception back at Nicola’s parents turned out to be just what we wanted without even knowing it.’

Bride and Groom seen through the reflections of a window of the registry office during a Corona lockdown wedding in Bury St Edmunds
A smiling Registrar opens the window of the ceremony room to allow photographers to shoot the couple in a Corona lockdown wedding ceremony.

‘The day turned out a lot better than expected, even with the restrictions
in place. Although we would have loved to have our other guests it was nice to be surrounded by our close family and friends which made the day more relaxed.’

Guests socially distanced at a Corona lockdown wedding
A photographer shoots through an open window to catch a wedding ceremony during Corona lockdown
A socially distanced wedding ceremony during Corona lockdown in 2020

What’s been the best, and the worst outcome of the apocalypse?
‘With the run up to the wedding we were unsure if we would even still get married and possibly be postponed again. Also all the changes we had to arrange with all the vendors, the new dates and making sure everyone involved was available. Luckily a lot of our plans were easily moved. With the party next year we can feel more relaxed and enjoy the day a lot more than if we had to perform the ceremony in front of more people (as we probably wouldn’t be as comfortable and worry about it slightly).’

bride and Groom under confetti at Corona lockdown wedding
Wedding guest throws a box of confetti over the couple at a Corona lockdown wedding in 2020.
Bride and Groom enjoy confetti at a their Corona lockdown wedding

Good advice to couples in a similar situation?
‘Go with the flow and try not to worry about the small unimportant things. With the registry office ceremony we couldn’t have any readings or music but we didn’t really notice them missing. The most important part was just getting married surrounded by close friends and family. Make time for yourself as there is a lot going on throughout the day and you will need some time to get away from everyone and enjoy your own company.’

Which vendors did you proud in the process?
Without a doubt our photographers Neil and Lisa. We had trouble with the barn venue double booking our first rearranged date and having to rebook a different date. Neil and Lisa have been great with all the changes and made us feel at ease throughout the process. From when we first met the two of them we knew that they were the photographers for us and we had to make sure they were available with any new dates before we could rebook with the barn! Also the florist had done a lovely job with the flowers (all artificial) which we’d collected once the lockdown eased. We have to mention, although not really vendors, Nicola’s Mum who did a great job with the food and Ross’ Mum who made lovely Banoffee pie and Tiramisu that went down really well.

‘We can’t thank Neil and Lisa enough for all their understanding during the rearrangements and for making our day extra special. They really made us feel at ease and laugh so much. The photos they have taken are amazing and we can’t wait for them to join us again next year for our celebration party.’

Bride and Groom having fun at their Corona Lockdown wedding

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