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Countryside engagement shoot

Jess and Tom emailed us and asked how we would cope with doing an engagement shoot with their dog, Kip. We love all things fluffy, so of course it’d fine! Neil and I took turns to babysit Kip, which was obviously awful and we clearly have the worst job in the world (joking). My dog controlling skills aren’t as good as Neil’s which I don’t think has added anything to my “Can we get a dog?” argument.

Jess and Tom laughed their way through their session (probably laughing over my lack of control with Kip aha) as we strolled around Jess’s work place, Rookery Park, which had the cutest herd of cows I’ve ever seen. I’m kind of scared of cows, because of their size (they’re bloody huuuuge!) but Jess reassured me they weren’t going to trample all over me and told me the names of each individual cow and their traits, which I think made me like her even more (and the cows).

Read on to find out more about their love story, how they got on during their engagement shoot, and of course, their wedding plans, written by Jess and Tom.

How did you both meet?

We had known of each other since we were children, via the farm both of our dads work for. Once Tom started working on the farm, I would wave at him as he drove past my parents house. But it wasn’t until I started working at the local fuel station that me and Tom really got to know each other, mainly because he would come in to fill his car up every time i was working!! After the second or third time of Tom turning up while i was there, we finally went on our first date, to Felixstowe for sandwiches on the beach, and we still do it now!

Tell us about the proposal!

We were on holiday in Cornwall. Whilst down there we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate our seven year anniversary in our favourite little fishing village, Porthleven. Porthleven was the first place we went on holiday together and it is just the most beautiful village, we love it! After eating we decided to go for a walk. You can walk up to the top end of the village and from there you have a fantastic view. While i was admiring the village and saying how much i loved it, i turned around to see Tom down on one knee asking me to marry him. It was a super fast YES with a few tears!!

Who picked the ring?

Tom picked the ring as he always knew what he wanted. He spent about four hours staring at them all in the shop before he finally made his decision! And it’s gorgeous, he has VERY good taste!

How did you feel about the engagement session before?

We are not the type of couple that love having our photo taken and neither are we very “smoochie”! So the thought of us having to have Lisa and Neil point a camera at us was very nerve-racking, we had no idea how it was going to work or what we were going to be like! Also, having Kip with us brought an extra challenge for Lisa and Neil as we didn’t know if Kip was going to behave or if Lisa and Neil were going to like him!!

How are the wedding plans coming along?

The wedding plans are coming together.. when we got engaged in May and booked our date, it felt like we’d have ages, but time seems to be flying by. We’re getting married in the village church where me and Tom, and our siblings, were all christened but also my Mum and Dad were married. Then we’re having our reception at Toms parents. We’re outdoor people, so our wedding has a very farmy/countryside theme. Just keep your fingers crossed for a hot September!!

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! The whole day will be wonderful, don’t think we could choose one thing we’re looking forward to most! We’re so happy with everything we’ve chosen for the day, from food to photographers, to flowers, everything will be amazing!

How did you feel after the engagement shoot?

We LOVED it. So surprised by how much we both enjoyed it! We were so glad we did it as it put us at ease for the wedding day, we got an understanding of how Lisa and Neil work and Kip behaved himself! It was perfect for us, we were in a location we knew which automatically made us feel more comfortable, we weren’t asked to do any cringey poses and Lisa & Neil were just so funny and natural, sometimes we didn’t know we were having our photo taken!! Kip was such a diva in front of the camera… he loved it the most I’m sure!!