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Jen and Martin DIY Wedding

Gorgeous Bride? Tick
Handsome Groom? Tick
Cute English Church? Tick
800 fairy lights? Tick
Laughter, love and smiles? Tick

We couldn’t be more excited to blog Jen and Martin’s wedding who got married in November 2017. Read about their vision for their wedding day, dress shopping and their thoughts and feelings after the day. Words from Jen and Martin.

Tell us a little about yourselves

Jen…I’m a Personal trainer and gymnastics coach in and around Bury St Edmunds. LOVE my job! Martin…is a Royal Marine. We have lived in Bury all our lives and now we live together in Bury. Perfect!

Finding the dress

The dress!! Well, I only looked in one shop, Clare bridal studio. I went with my Mum and maid of honour first of all, we all picked a few dresses and then I tried them all on. I had an idea of what I wanted but also wanted to try all of the styles! We did however, quickly discover I pretty much only suited one style! We were able to narrow it down to two, they were both the same designer and totally different dresses. One plain and one super intricate and detailed. When we went again, I took my bridesmaids and godmother and mother in law. And we all came to the same conclusion, the intricate one was THE ONE! I didn’t want a veil but was persuaded that it’d finish the dress off and it did. I’ve never felt more like a princess, who’d found her Prince Charming, than I did in that moment. We did have a mishap when we went for an alteration fitting…I was meant to take my shoes and forgot them!! My maid of honour then ran to the shop and bought the same pair and then after the fitting she then took them back, we felt bad but it did the trick!

My dress is beautiful and I loved wearing it!

Groom’s attire

Martin was wearing his uniform for the wedding so he didn’t have to spend hours hunting for a suit! His dad found the suits for himself and the best man. They were all kitted out by the end of August.

What was your vision for your wedding day?  

Pretty much the morning after Martin had proposed I’d written the guest list! I was a little excited. I had lots of ideas that I gave to Martin and he vetoed the ones he didn’t like! Im not particularly crafty but decided that I wanted to make everything…save the dates down to the homemade favours! It was a lot of work but was really worth it and gave the desired effect when it all came together! We wanted simply and elegant and that’s exactly what we got! We looked at a couple of venues but decided we wanted to use the local community centre so that we could dress it up exactly how we wanted. It turned out to be the best idea. I spent a lot of time looking for photographers and caterers. Luckily, my maid of honour works with a great caterer and they agreed to do our wedding (at a discounted price too!!!)

Martins aunties did our flowers for us and although I didn’t choose winter flowers they got we wanted and made everything look just how I envisioned it.

What was your most memorable moment of the wedding?  

There were so many memorable moments from the wedding that I don’t think we could choose just one! Watching Martin turn around and see me walk down the aisle was something I will never forget though. Everything was magical and perfect. I think we fell even more in love with each other that day.

What made you cry?

I assumed that I was going to cry throughout the entire day, but actually I didn’t! I was too happy! I did well up when my Maid of honour said some really lovely things and also when my Brother did. When Martin gave a gift to one of the military lads, that was an emotional moment too. Martin didn’t cry either… we were just too happy!

Tell us about how you styled your wedding (decor, etc) 🙂

The decor…I have a little obsession with glitter and fairy lights! I bought 800 for a venue we’d chosen before the one we used so we didn’t need them in the end!! We found a great company called wedding creative that dress village halls and marquees etc. They came and dress the community centre in fabric covered with fairy lights and put up lighters and gold and navy fabrics with lights on the ceiling. It created a really magical room that totally transformed the room into something amazing. Everything else we hand made, out of blue and gold card and A LOT of glitter! We had a theme of puzzle pieces. So we had puzzle pieces on the tables and puzzle piece cake toppers and even a puzzle piece guest book and puzzle piece gingerbread favours. We kept everything fairly simple and tied it all in from the save the dates to the cake toppers!

What made you laugh on the day? 

What made us laugh…the speeches! They were great. Martins speech was brilliant! And also the crazy dancing at the end…funny and weird!

What’s your favourite photo from your wedding day and why? 

It’s funny because other people have a favourite picture from our photos, but I don’t think we could actually choose. They all have an old fashioned/vintage look. There are so many beautiful pictures that capture our relationship and our love for each other! We do love all the ceremony ones though, the way Lisa and Neil managed to capture the way we look at each other and caught us giggling or chatting when we were meant to be listening, makes us see how everyone else sees us as a couple. The couple photos are amazing…they’re all amazing!

 Advice for other couples

Advice….I whole heartedly believe in absence makes the heart grow fonder. So don’t worry if you have to spend a little time apart, it’ll make you miss your other half but that’s okay because you’ll appreciate them even more when you see them again. Oh and communication…talk it out.

Credit where credit is due

So the hall dressers were
The cake my maid of honour made and that’s not her job!!
The flowers were Martin’s aunties Claire and Denize
The caterer was called David Evans and he is the catering manager at claas.
Dress was from Clare bridal studio, a martina liana dress
Bridesmaid dresses were from

“AMAZING photographers. We got married nearly a week ago…a very bright but cold day. Lisa and Neil made sure the formals went quickly as well as the couple pictures so that no one got too cold! But they still captured the essence of our relationship and the love we have for each other. Such friendly, happy and super laid back people who truly couldn’t be happier when taking your photos. We highly recommend them. Can we do it again?!” – Jen and Martin