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Wonderful geeky couple beat Covid-19 apocaplypse and plan a cool Corona lockdown wedding. Click to read about planning your Norfolk pandemic wedding.

Sims Bride and Groom feed each other wedding cake inside glass wedding venue during The Sims 4 wedding.

Funny, hilarious real Sims4 wedding as photographed by Norwich and Norfolk wedding photographers, Lisa & Neil.

We’re on LOOKSLIKEFILM – ‘The Most Kickass Wedding Images from 2019’

We stepped back through time with our clients, people we know and love to discover how technology has changed and people’s expectations of their wedding photos. 

Historical photo showing posed photos of ancestors in smart clothing.

Yesterday Lisa and I spent the afternoon spring cleaning the house, it’s not our favourite pastime and I’ll admit I got a bit distracted whilst sorting out paperwork and spent some time looking through a box of old photo’s. It got me thinking about printed photographs again and I thought it’d be good to share some of those thoughts, and I guess some of the emotions too.